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buttock enhancement injections 

Although, there are various ways to increase the size of the buttocks, Sculptra is a minimally invasive, low-risk, nonsurgical option that can enhance the curve and shape of your buttock.  

Sculptra buttock enhancement injections stimulate patient’s collagen production, to rejuvenate and boost the buttocks. This is in turn will smooth out wrinkles and restore volume. 

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How do buttock enhancement injections work? 

While buttock injections using hyaluronic acid ingredients is an outright method to add volume to the targeted area immediately, Sculptra buttocks injections work slightly differently. 


With this procedure, poly-L-lactic acid is injected into your dermal layers to kick-start your body’s natural collagen production mechanism. Sculptra treatment provides you with a natural look that fits your body type because collagen is the protein that gives your skin its structure and shape.  

How long do buttock injections last? 

The results of your buttock injections depend on the type of treatment you have. With a Brazilian buttock lift, the results will be visible immediately as fat collected from another part of your body, usually your hip area, is injected into your buttocks. Through this method about 50 percent of the injected fat will be absorbed during the healing process. While this will initially make your buttocks larger than before the procedure, the long term result will see your buttocks appear smaller.  

With Sculptra treatment it can take months for the injections to make their full impact. To see a noticeable difference in your appearance, you may need to have several treatments spaced out over the following months. In a best case scenario, the effects from Sculptra buttock injections can last up to four years, however, they usually last two to three years.  

Is buttock Injections Safe? 

If Sculptra treatment is performed by a licenced and experienced provider then you can rest assured that this procedure is safe. Although, it is still normal to experience side effects from the treatment, including bruising and redness.  

On the other hand, Brazilian buttock injections is a surgical procedure, therefore, the risks and side effects are more serious.  

How much do buttock enhancement injections cost? 

The cost of Sculptra buttock enhancement injections will depend on the amount of vials used during the procedure. On average, a treatment takes four to ten vials, with each vial costing around £600. 


The overall cost of Brazilian buttock injections tends to be higher, although the exact figure you are expected to pay will vary, depending on where you get the procedure and how experienced your provider is.