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Breast Uplift

Mastopexy or breast uplift surgery is the most effective surgical procedure to get the breast in the correct shape. This method reshapes the breast cups and tightens the skin to provide a firmer appearance. 

At Cosmetic Surgery Manchester, we know that many women are not satisfied with changes in their breast after pregnancy or weight loss or gain. It can have effects on breasts’ contour. Fortunately, breast uplift surgery pulls the breasts back to shape – making them look firmer.

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The Procedure of Breast Uplift Surgery

Like breast enlargement surgery, mastopexy surgery is also considered a day procedure, but the incisions are comparatively small. In this surgery, the cuts are made vertically down to the breast’s crease and around the areola. The patient can get back to everyday life within a week or two.

We also have introduced augmentation mastopexy surgery. It is a combination of two surgeries – breast uplift and augmentation. This surgery is performed to deliver the optimum results using special techniques. Our experts advise you with suitable options of treatments during your consultancy.

We have radiologists on board to cover multiple investigative tests. It helps us go through your medical records to save you from complications.

Breast uplift surgery is chosen by the women who have:

  • Saggy or hanging breasts

  • Nipples that point downward

  • Breast asymmetry


Our breast uplift surgery doesn’t improve sizing; instead, it is introduced to elevate the breast tissue you already have. Moreover, check our Breast Enlargement Surgery if you would like to improve your breast’s size.

How Our Breast Uplift Surgery Impact Your Life?

The patients who had our services in the past have reported us the following benefits:

  • Better posture, as there’s no weight dropping down from the front.

  • More choices to find clothes, as they fit both your top and bottom areas.

  • Confidence enhancement, as it improves the body image.

Is Breast Uplift Surgery a Right Choice?

During mastopexy surgery, our highly qualified surgeons remove the loose skin from the lower side of the breast to tighten it. We provide breast uplift surgery to lift the saggy breasts and correct the nipple’s position. Through breast uplift surgery, we help you get a firmer shape and more enhanced personality. 

This surgery doesn’t offer you a lengthy healing time, unlike other surgeries, and you can perform any task without being cautious. After this surgical procedure, it is recommended to wear a sports bra for breasts’ support and not miss out on the follow-ups for post-operational care.