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Breast Reduction

Having a well-shaped breast is commonly considered perfect, but many women don't feel comfortable having a large breast size. Medically, it is known as Symptomatic Macromastia.


This surgery is offered to remove the extra tissues from the breast area to make the size smaller. At Cosmetic Surgery Manchester, we have introduced breast reduction surgery or mammoplasty that helps in achieving the ideal size

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We ensure this surgical process is performed to the best standards. If you think that your breasts are big or not in appropriate proportion then you may like to visit us for breast reduction surgery. It is a simple procedure to reduce the size of your breast to your wishes.

At our clinic, we use quality and exclusive techniques to deliver aesthetic goals. Our team includes the leading professionals who have hands-on experience in surgical and non-surgical treatments. Our years of experience offer you advanced cosmetic surgeries. It involves customised treatment and recovery plans.

Breast Reduction Surgery – The Surgical Process

The size of women’s breast may be determined by a number of factors. It can depend and vary due to age, heredity, genes, body weight and hormones. The size of your breast can have an impact on other parts of your body. 


Breast reduction surgery involves removing fat, tissue and skin from the breast.  The breast is then reshaped and the nipple is adjusted to the new size. This surgery is performed under general anaesthesia to carefully place the drainage tubes in each breast. The tubes are removed before you're discharged from the hospital, and you are offered pain-management medication.

By choosing us, you can access the free consultation. It offers you pre and post-surgical support. Not to forget, it is crucial to keep the incisions dry in the earlier days after surgery. Also, leave all the dressings intact until your next follow-up to our clinic.

Benefits of Body Contouring From Our Breast Reduction Surgery

Our mammoplasty surgery improves the symmetry of your breast, reducing your back pain and other problems that might be associated with you having a larger breast size.