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Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement surgery is a surgical method that uses breast implants or fat transmission to increase cup size. It is carried out as a reconstruction treatment that shapes the breasts. This surgery is often referred to as breast augmentation and more commonly; a boob-job. It is the most successful cosmetic surgery in the UK. 

At Cosmetic Surgery Manchester, you can have our service to restore fullness of breasts. We have internationally recognised cosmetic surgeons to offer you with the best assistance. They are equipped with advanced knowledge and expertise to deliver patient’s satisfaction. 

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Augmentation Process

The augmentation process involves inserting silicon pads, fat, and saline water under or over the breast tissue. The complete procedure gets done with the help of incisions. The size of implants is dependent on the patient's desires and their existing size.


We believe that breast augmentation is a highly customisable method. It gets you the preferred breast contours. At our aesthetic centre, we help you choose the most suitable option that gives your breasts a firmer look.

Why Do You Choose a Breast Enlargement Surgery?

Here at Cosmetic Surgery Manchester, we perform this surgery for not only aesthetic purposes but also to treat breast cancer. Our breast implants deliver the desired symmetry and size. We help you look more tuned with your body by adding a natural volume to the breasts. With us, you can have a private consultation to discuss your surgical options thoroughly.  

Before you make-up your mind, understand why this surgery is important for women of all ages. There's not one reason to get your implants done – but many, for instance:

  • Weight loss

  • Pregnancy

  • Undeveloped breast size (during puberty)

  • Breast cancer

  • Asymmetry or tubular breasts

  • Shape enhancement

Breast enlargement surgeries at Cosmetic Surgery Manchester are done under local anaesthesia, which takes an hour or two to complete. We perform breast augmentation with little-to-no incising to place the implants using a safe method. 

It is a day-care procedure, and you may have to stay under observation for a night. You are likely to resume your normal every day activity within a week. We also offer you recovery plans for better post-operational care. We have the skills you need for the outcomes you want.  

Please feel free to speak to one of our consultants if you have any questions. You may also like to book a free one to one consultation with our advisors.